Weekend Trip : Mt. Papandayan, Garut, West Java (8 – 9 May 2015)

We are back! After our hibernate months, today we are back to share you some stories that we have experiences in these past months. Hope you like it! Don’t forget to give comment on the bottom of this post! *winkwink*

Yes, after years of dreaming to go hiking again, finally I have an opportunity to join a “Pendakian Umum” that was organized by HMPA Edelweis Atmajaya. This time we are going to Mount Papandayan, located in Garut. My boyfriend love to hiking too so this time I will have my “private help guy” so I can be the princess at this trip. Hahaha,.just kidding [maybe] :P.

Anyway, since I’ve been absent from hiking for many many years, this time I was nervous because I don’t think I have the stamina. Mt Papandayan actually is very high (2.622 meters above sea level) but we start to climb from 2000-something meters above sea level (forgot to check). Our journey start from Jakarta, our meeting point is at Atmajaya University, Jakarta.

In this trip, we go together with 30 others participant (include the members of HMPA Edelweis). From Atmajaya, we went to Kp. Rambutan to get the Bus. To reach Garut you have some option, you can bring your own car or vehicle and leave it in the parking area at Mt. Papandayan. For this trip, we go by bus, leaving Kp. Rambutan at 10.00pm and arrive at Cisurupan intersection at 04.00am. From there we took public transportation (we call it angkot in Bahasa) to the last village before the track line start. In this village, you can leave your private vehicle and start to hike.

The weather is so cold, I near freeze (for an Indonesian like me). I wish we could start to hike immediately but the committee thought it will be best if we wait for the sunrise. Yes we arrive 2 hours early than our schedule. So we take this time to rest and go to restroom (when I say restroom is just 3 small room made by bamboo? that build up on the river and super dark, but its fine for me).

Finally the sun has risen! We start to hike after doing a little warm up. I will let the rest of the photos tell the stories!

This sign will welcome you on the last village
This sign will welcome you on the last village

The view of Mt. Cikuray from last village.

The view of Mt. Cikuray from last village.

Parking Area before hitting the track

Parking Area before hitting the track

View of the Crater
Around the Crater
View during our hike
Hutan Mati

What I learn from this trip are:

  1. You need to prepare! Like really read into any articles about the place you are visiting. I was wrong thinking that this was a beginner mountain and did not bring much warm clothes. I didn’t think that it will be that cold! I have cold allergic and it was worst! Thank God my boyfriend brings flu medicine so I survive that night. 😀
  2. They have limited toilet room, so you need to turn on your jungle girl mode and just survive with no bath and beauty stuff for one weekend.
  3. Try to get the best seat in the public transportation cause you will need your sleep before hiking.
  4. I though going hiking in weekend is a crazy idea, turnout I was wrong! I feel energize after and I love my job afterward. You know I need those Rupiah for my next adventure..Nothing is free man!

That’s all for today! If you need extra information regarding this trip, please drop me an email!


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